A team of experts to accompany you towards the success of your center

Our Customer Success team is composed of experienced professionals from the fitness management sector with extensive knowledge in consulting and business intelligence. They are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Support in integration and implementation

Our customer success team will accompany you from the beginning of the integration and in defining and implementing the necessary goals for your specific center.

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Mujer y hombre mirando datos sobre la mesa con un laptop abierto con la web app de FitnessKPI.

Specific consultations or assistance in adhoc implementations

Every business and every center is unique, with its own needs and specific challenges. That's why we offer you the option to contract specific consultations on particular topics or tailor-made implementations of the tool to fit your needs.

Recurrent tracking of goals and objectives

For us, accompanying you to success inevitably involves proactively suggesting meetings, calls, data reviews, and more to assist and guide you in using FitnessKPI.

Surveillance 24/7
acquisition rate
You have a good acquisition rate (5.67%) for the industry (5.09%), the room for improvement is possible although not of great magnitude.
The dropout rate (4.03%) has improved compared to the same month of the previous year (6.35%).
Congratulations! The Income per member over quota with respect to your income per total member (21.61%) is above the sector average (8.64%).
A team of experts at your disposal to make the most of FitnessKPI
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The keys to success

More than 180 specific key performance indicators for fitness, developed by gym management experts

Our team combines experience with technology to provide you with total control over your sports club.



Financial KPIs such as average rates, breakeven point, and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) are key for evaluating strategies, predicting fluctuations, and optimizing retention.


Members Added and Lost by Postal Code: Facilitates localized marketing strategies and adjustments in service offerings according to regional preferences.

Member Profile

Provides key data to personalize programs and promotions, tailoring them to the demographics of the center. It allows for optimizing schedules and resources based on user habits, thus maximizing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Sales and Retention

Analyze the effectiveness of sales in sports centers, optimizing acquisition and profitability strategies with specific KPIs.

Satisfaction and Work Environment

Monitor employee satisfaction and the work environment through surveys and continuous feedback. Identify areas for improvement and strengthen team motivation, which directly impacts the quality of service and customer experience.

Utilization and Occupancy

Identify peak hours and most frequented areas. Optimize class scheduling and space usage to maximize operational efficiency and enhance user experience.


Learn to make the most of your data with FitnessKPI

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