Turn your business data and information into tangible actions

With all the smart data, dashboards, predictions, and action suggestions provided by FitnessKPI and ANNA, it's time to turn it all into acquisition, loyalty, or retention actions. You choose the goal and the channel.

Move from information to action with the CRM

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Store all information and assign it to your clients

Tag and categorize your clients by age, gender, type of classes, space usage, attendance frequency, potential churn, etc., and make the most of your center's information.

Hyper-personalize your communications.

By combining data, advanced segmentation, and content suggestions, you can create more efficient communications just for the clients you want and when you want

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Send through various channels and in a segmented way.

Improve your acquisition, loyalty, and retention, by creating informed, segmented, and AI-assisted actions via email, WhatsApp, or SMS.


Receive action suggestions from our AI ANNA and launch them directly through the CRM

Our AI ANNA is an expert in club fitness management and will recommend the best actions.

ANNA will provide valuable advice based on your data, taking into account your competitor.

Surveillance 24/7
acquisition rate
You have a good acquisition rate (5.67%) for the industry (5.09%), the room for improvement is possible although not of great magnitude.
The dropout rate (4.03%) has improved compared to the same month of the previous year (6.35%).
Congratulations! The Income per member over quota with respect to your income per total member (21.61%) is above the sector average (8.64%).

Benefits of the CRM

Segment and categorize your audience

A CRM allows you to record and assign segmentation information, space usage, interests, etc.

Turn your information into actions.

Once your clients are automatically tagged, you can launch actions based on these tags.

Improve your gym's results.

Hyper-personalized actions will enable you to achieve much better results in your campaigns

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