Compare your gym's main KPIs with the market

Our benchmarking system allows you to evaluate your data against similar sports centers so you can see where you excel and where you need to improve.

Acquisition Rate
Margin of Safety

Knowledge is power, but comparing your data with the competition is a superpower.

Contrast your data with your competitors

Compare your key indicators against those of the competition and verify what is a market trend and what is unique to your business.

Identify market trends

Understand the trends and patterns in the industry to make informed and strategic decisions.

Surveillance 24/7
Watch out! The pace in Revenues you have this month is too low to achieve the monthly goal. You have €26,224 so far and the target is €30,000 in total revenues..
Attrition rate
Compared to the industry your Attrition rate is not good. You have room for improvement. Let's go!
Attrition rate
You have a good acquisition rate (5.67%) for the industry (5.09%), the room for improvement is possible although not of great magnitude.

Optimize your operations

Knowing whether a result is a common industry trend, seasonality, or other factors affecting both you and your competitors allows you to make more accurate decisions. Discover which areas you can improve and how to do so with rational, data-based recommendations.


Over 180 fitness-specific key performance indicators, developed by gym management experts.

Our team combines experience with technology to give you total control over your sports club.



Financial KPIs such as average rates, break-even point, and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) are key to evaluating strategies, predicting fluctuations, and optimizing retention.


Members Added and Lost by Zip Code: Facilitates localized marketing strategies and adjustments in service offerings according to regional preferences.

Members’ Profile

Provides key data to personalize programs and promotions, adjusting them to the center's demographics. Allows for optimizing schedules and resources based on user habits, thus maximizing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Sales and Retention

Analyze the effectiveness of sales in sports centers, optimizing acquisition and profitability strategies with specific KPIs.

Job Satisfaction and Workplace Climate

Monitor employee satisfaction and workplace climate through surveys and continuous feedback. Identify areas for improvement and strengthen team motivation, which directly impacts service quality and customer experience

Utilization and Occupancy

Identify peak hours and most frequented areas. Optimize class schedules and space usage to maximize operational efficiency and improve user experience.


Benefits of Benchmark Analysis

Better Informed Decisions

Comparing our results against the competition allows us to make better, more informed decisions.

Average State of the Competition

Comparing our KPIs against those of our competitors helps us understand the industry's health and provides ideas for actionable steps

Positioning and Verified Results

In business, comparing data with competitors informs achievable goals.


All your data centralized in a panel with AI analysis

FitnessKPI acts as the central nervous system of your operations, seamlessly integrating with a wide range of software platforms to ensure that data from every aspect of your business is consolidated into a single coherent stream

FitnessKPI Blog

On our FitnessKPI blog, you will discover useful tips on how to manage a gym, the most important KPIs in the fitness world, fitness industry trends, technology, and much more.

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June 6, 2024
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