The video provides a detailed tutorial on how to use the Fitness KPI dashboard. It begins by showing how to navigate to the "Your Dashboard" section from the menu on the left, and then to the "Chain" section. Users can select a particular center or view data for the entire chain. The video demonstrates how to choose a date range for comparison and visualize the general ranking of centers compared to the sector. It explains how to identify clubs with lower or higher performance and how to select different indicators to track their evolution.

Additionally, the video covers the comparison area at the bottom, where users can select specific clubs and KPIs to compare. On the right side, it introduces the "Budgets and Rhythm" area, where predictions can be viewed by selecting budget or pace. The rest of the dashboard displays chain-wide information, summarizing parameters from all selected clubs.

In the "Marketing Dashboard," users can assign social network links to the brand as a whole, which may differ from those in individual clubs. The operation of this dashboard is similar to that of the club dashboards. The video concludes by emphasizing the power of data with Fitness KPI.

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